About Us

about us

Rockwood is a third generation family business with a foundation in mortarless concrete manufacturing and construction dating back to 1914. From agriculture silos to hardscapes to concrete veneer and outdoor living kits, Rockwood is recognized as an innovator of attractive, high-quality landscape construction materials.

Rockwood products are produced by licensed manufacturers and are distributed in over 45 U.S. States, across 17 Countries, and on 5 continents. All Rockwood manufacturers are required to meet critical standards for block quality and physical tolerances.

Rockwood products manufactured and marketed are:

  • Necessories™ Kits for Outdoor Living
  • Classic® 6 and Classic® 8 retaining walls
  • Classic Colonial® 6 and Classic Colonial® 8 retaining walls
  • Legend® retaining wall
  • Monument retaining wall
  • Vintage™ freestanding/retaining wall
  • StoneHedge® freestanding wall
  • Cottage Stone® retaining wall
  • Classic Edge®
  • Lakeland™ and Riverland™ freestanding/retaining wall
  • Verano™, Serano™ and Genova™ paver systems
  • Super-Stik® masonry adhesive


Our Brands
Silver Creek StoneworksLandscape tiles, pavers, steps, and stepping stones.  ›
Rockwood Retaining WallsRetaining, freestanding, & garden walls, pavers and edgers.  ›
Interlock Concrete ProductsPavers, landscape tiles, edgers, planters, benches, signs and more.  ›
Necessories Outdoor Living KitsDo-it-yourself outdoor living elements and features for your hardscape.  ›