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What is A Better Way™?

It's about quality, innovative thinking, and meticulous attention to detail. It's about being better than you have to be and better than expected.

What is a segmental retaining wall?

A segmental retaining wall or SRW can be used for a number of applications including but not limited to soil retention, erosion control and landscaping. There unlimited possibilities with SRW's!

What is an engineered wall?

It is a wall that incorporates geosyntheitic reinforcement in the wall design. Layers of geo grid help to reinforce and stabilize reinforced soil behind the wall thus lending strength and mass to the wall.

What is Super-Stik?

It is a proprietary adhesive that should be used for cap and cut block installation. Its composition and performance, makes it one of the best high quality concrete adhesives in the landscape industry. Learn More.

How tall can I build my wall?

The height will depend on site conditions and the type of product used. When a Rockwood wall is engineered and geogrid is incorporated in the design, a Rockwood wall can exceed 30' in height. If you are building a wall that is 4' or higher, we recommend that you seek a local qualified engineer to approve the design.

What is the NCMA?

It is an acronym for the National Concrete Masonry Association, which is non-profit organization representing producers and suppliers in the concrete masonry industry. Rockwood follows the NCMA's established guidelines and standards for SRW construction. Learn More, visit www.ncma.org.

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