E-Z Wall®

Perfect for terraced gardens, tree rings or low retaining walls, E-Z Wall combines functionality, performance and appeal into one package. Its flexibility and ease of installation has received accolades from installers around the world. Its real strength lies in its unassuming design flexibility, which allows E-Z Wall to build corners, curves and a multitude of other wall applications with ease.


  • Two block, rear-lip system creates straight or curved garden and low retaining walls, tree rings and planters
  • 8″ W x 8.75″ D x 4.5″ H
  • 8″ W x 8″ D x 4.5″ H (wedge)
  • Matching 3″ Mini Cap


E-Z Wall Straight


4.5″ H x 8″ W x 8.75″ D 113mm x 200mm x 219mm 25 lbs., 12 kg.
E-Z Wall Wedge


4.5″ H x 8″ W x 8.75″ D 113mm x 200mm x 219mm 25 lbs., 11 kg.


Mini Cap

Mini Cap

3″ H x 8″ W x 9″ D 15 lbs.

Color availability may vary by distributor. Always refer to actual product when making final color selection. Click here for assistance and to request the location of your nearest distributor(s).





Santa Fe

Santa Fe

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EZ Wall


EZ Wall Cut Sheet

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